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A Twisted Tale of Karma

Author: Amaleka G. McCall

Category: Urban Lit

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ISBN# 978097170214

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Author: Amaleka G. McCall

Category: Urban Lit

ISBN# 978097170214


Born a child of circumstance, Myra Danfordís life was supposed to read like a fairytale; instead itís full of abuse, neglect and hard knocks. Myraís life takes a dramatic turn when she earns a full scholarship to St. Johnís University. Determined to make a name for herself, and with her best friend, Quanda by her side, Myraís life is finally on the right track. She meets Milton Roberts, the man of her dreams. Myra is convinced that he is just the man to save her from her harsh life. UntilÖ. Milton has his own demons to confront, and with the NFL draft on the line, Milton lures Myra in with promises of wealth, marriage, and a stable family life. Desperate, and on the run for her life, Myra becomes ensnared in a dark world of deceit, blackmail, betrayal, and murder that is filled with karmic consequences. All of the characters including Myra learn the hard way that karma always catches up to you.

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Amaleka G. McCall

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