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Author: Miz

Category: Urban Lit

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ISBN# 978097644460

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Author: Miz

Category: Urban Lit

ISBN# 978097644460


Bishop, born Richard Timothy Brown, Jr. is the son of a pastor and a humble school teacher. Their household emphasized good morals and lived by the word of GOD. The Browns faced a financial problem when his mother was laid off. Losing their house, they were forced to move into the notorious Fort Greene projects in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up a church boy in the projects surrounded by drugs and the thugs, Richard had no friends. Until he met Kendu, a young fly kid from the streets who accepted him for who he was and they became inseparable like brothers. Bishop seen love for the first time when he was approached by Lisa, the baddest chick from the pj's. The young couple shared an unconditional love and unbreakable bond. Bishop's life takes a dramatic turn when Kendu is gunned down by one of Shameek's ruthless soldiers. Not only is Shameek a vicious thug, but he is also the jealous raged ex-boyfriend of Lisa. Now Bishop is forced to avenge his best friend's death, while struggling with his morality. To kill is a sin, but he must protect himself and his family by any means necessary. What will The Bishop do? This is an invitation for all readers to take a walk through one of New York's illest boruoghs and indulge into a life of loyalty,faith, love,murder, and mayhem...

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