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Both Sides of the Fence

Author: M.T. Pope

Category: Contemporary Fiction

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ISBN# 978160162196

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Author: M.T. Pope

Category: Contemporary Fiction

ISBN# 978160162196


To most people, 35-year-old Shawn Black is a mild-mannered and fun-loving family man. Filled with music recitals, football games, and family outings, his life seems to be picture-perfect. What observers don't know is that Shawn is living a life on both sides of the fence. He's harboring dangerous childhood secrets that could ultimately rip his family apart. Shawn makes the mistake of befriending James, a gold-digging bisexual with a secret agenda. Pushing Shawn head first into a life of sex, secrets, and lies, James will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Take a story where everyone has secrets, and then mix that together with explosive sex and a dash of the painful truth, and the outcome can only be disaster. Heads will roll as Shawn's faithfulness, love, sexuality, and family structure are tested to the very shocking end. Be warned: this is not your average down-low book.

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M.T. Pope

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