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Author: Skyy

Category: Erotica

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ISBN# 978160162316

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Product Details

Author: Skyy

Category: Erotica

ISBN# 978160162316


School's back in session and there's a lot of unfinished business to handle. As Lena prepares for her wedding day, she can't help but think about Denise, her sexy b-ball roommate who almost stole her away. A summer isn't enough time to get over a true love. Denise just can't shake the feelings she developed for soon-to-be-married Lena. Should she go for what she wants or leave well enough alone? Cooley let Misha walk away, but she can't take no for an answer. Will her determination to win back her first love bring Misha back or push her further away? Carmen worked hard to get her life back on track...but will fears of the past wreck her future with new love Nic? This fast-paced sequel to Choices will leave you on an emotional roller coaster you won't want to get off.

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I enjoyed Consequences immensely. During my reading, I could concentrate on little else. I could not put the book down. I almost missed my train stop and, later, stayed awake half of the night captivated by this dramatic tale. It had me laughing, crying, and reliving some personal experiences. Skyy is a refreshing addition to the world of fiction. I look forward to reading more of her work. --Renair Amin, CEO of Pmyner, Ltd.

If the cover alone doesn't grab you, by the time you reach page 2, paragraph 2, it's too late - you're hooked. Skyy has been called the "lesbian version of E.Lynn Harris," and Consequences is her Invisible Life. Choices may have introduced the world to Skyy the author, but Consequences may well define her as the architect of urban LGBT culture. Choices fans will gasp, cry, and laugh uncontrollably as they follow the characters they adore through the pain and triumph of dreams fulfilled and lessons learned the hard way. Newcomers will fall in love with the "bruhs" and the"ladies," and find themselves engrossed in the characters as if they were their own crew. Consequences takes you into the daily lives of real people who we all can relate to in some way. They are our friends, our lovers, that girl you knew from college, the one you let get away, and the ones you never saw coming. If you're looking for a book to pick up every now and then and work your way through, this is not the book for you. I promise, it will have your partner on the verge of divorce due to neglect! --Tiffany Adams,

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