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Cooking For Your Man

Author: Yolanda Banks and Melissa Clark

Category: Cooking

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ISBN# 978076792192

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Product Details

Author: Yolanda Banks and Melissa Clark

Category: Cooking

ISBN# 978076792192


From helping out in the kitchen as a flour-smudged little girl to delighting her pro quarterback husband with a tasty repertoire of lovingly prepared dishes, Yolanda Banks has spent a lifetime perfecting the art of the home-cooked meal. In Cooking for Your Man, she shares a collection of wide-ranging recipes that any woman can dip into to spoil her husband, family, and friends on special occasions or as everyday treats.Yolanda’s recipes reflect her Midwestern roots as well as her worldly and cosmopolitan sides. There are comfort-food favorites (Mom’s Fried Chicken and Meat Lovers’ Lasagna); light fare with a hint of the exotic (Asian Steak Salad with Spicy Vinaigrette and Spicy Latin Fish Stew); tried-and-true classics handed down from her family (Uncle D’s Saturday Waffles and Ma Duke’s Chili); and great game-day snacks (Spinach Salmon Spring Rolls and Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings). The recipes are preceded with entertaining anecdotes on their origins as well as helpful preparation hints. Sidebars throughout contain information on special techniques and ingredients, as well as serving suggestions and drink recipes, for everything from a Peachtini to Mango Iced Tea.Because the recipes in Cooking for Your Man have passed the rigorous “Tony test,” readers can be sure every course, from appetizers and salads to soups and stews, hearty entrees to luscious desserts, will be cheered by even the most finicky husband, boyfriend, dad, or brother. Illustrated with color photographs of a selection of the mouthwatering dishes as well as charming family photos, Cooking for Your Man sacks fussy, time-consuming food and turns any home cook into an MVP.

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“After looking through the entire cookbook, I didn't find one recipe that I can't wait to try. Not only will my man enjoy this book, but my entire family will!”
—Maura Bledsoe, wife of Drew Bledsoe, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys

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Yolanda Banks and Melissa Clark

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