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G-Spot 2 Trickery: The 6th Deadly Sin

Author: Noire

Category: Erotica

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ISBN# 978098309366

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Product Details

Author: Noire

Category: Erotica

ISBN# 978098309366


In Part 6 of G-Spot 2: The Seven Deadly Sins...Harlem is caught in a vicious three-way scheme! Will Juicy get tangled in the deadly web of violence?Life is getting real tricky for Juicy Mo-Stanfield as she hides in plain sight right in the heart of Harlem. With the powerful Trey Jackson watching her back, Juicy-Mo just can’t go wrong. Or can she?When the major players in the game get greedy, scheming becomes second nature and former friends become distant, bitter foes. Are the hard knocks of the past over for Juicy? Or will the vicious hand of street life strike one more violent blow to her gut? Find Out More InG-SPOT 2: THE SEVEN DEADLY SINSTRICKERY: THE 6th DEADLY SIN

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