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Getting to Happy

Author: Terry McMillian

Category: Contemporary Fiction

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ISBN# 978067002204

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Author: Terry McMillian

Category: Contemporary Fiction

ISBN# 978067002204


<p><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: small; ">Fifteen years after the success of Waiting to Exhale (including a film version), McMillan returns to her quartet of friends, living the black middle-class good life&mdash;with all its ups and downs&mdash;in Phoenix, Arizona. Savannah, who still narrates most chapters, is working for a local television station and slowly watching the thrill leach out of her marriage, which came late in life when she&rsquo;d given up on her prospects. She&rsquo;s now facing the realities of dating in middle age (from Viagra to online dating services). Her friend Robin is raising a teenage daughter and is so stressed by her boring accountant job that she&rsquo;s hooked on shopping and an assortment of pills. Bernadine is recovering from the spectacular failure of her second marriage and coping with the knowledge that her daughter is gay. Gloria has a successful hair salon, beautiful grandchildren, and a wonderful marriage, until disaster strikes. They&rsquo;re all facing the challenges of midlife, disappointment in love relationships, the fear of starting over personally and professionally, and the constant worry over their now adult and adolescent children. Fans of McMillan will enjoy catching up with this ensemble of friends and, as this novel has been optioned for a movie, can look forward to seeing the transition to film.&nbsp;</span></p>

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Terry McMillian

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