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In My Girls I Trust

Author: Brandi Johnson

Category: Urban Lit

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ISBN# 978160162215

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Product Details

Author: Brandi Johnson

Category: Urban Lit

ISBN# 978160162215


How can three women living three totally different lifestyles have so much in common? Ask Alexis, single mother of two, with an abusive baby daddy that her girls keep pressing her to leave. Having to choose between her man and her girls' constant nagging, Alexis is forced to live a double life. Watch how her life unfolds as she tries to hold on to a secret that would definitely tear any friendship apart. Will Alexis be able to keep her secret, or does pressure really bust pipes? Keaundra is constantly haunted by a troubled past, and lives by the motto "Trust No Man!" This has left her lonely and with plenty of time on her hands. But what happens when she crosses paths with Mr. Right? Will Keaundra let him in, or will her past experiences force her to let him slip away? India is classy, intelligent, loyal, and used to having her way. Between her rich father and her boyfriend, Martell, she wants for nothing. Her loyalty to her girls has no boundaries, even when it starts to affect her relationship with Martell. Will India have to choose between her best friends and her man, or will he make the choice for her?

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Brandi Johnson

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