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Lifestyle of the Rich and Shameless

Author: KiKi Swinson & Noire

Category: Urban Lit

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ISBN# 978075825180

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Author: KiKi Swinson & Noire

Category: Urban Lit

ISBN# 978075825180


Essence® bestselling authors Kiki Swinson and Noire double down in these sizzling novellas about sex, money, and too much of a good thing. . . Shamelessly Rich Kiki Swinson Exclusive parties, high-end rides, designer everything--for Virginia Beach heiress Megan Rich, it's just an ordinary day. And one taste of Duke Chambers' thug loving has her spending like crazy to keep him primed, hot, 'n ready. But when her parents cut off the cash flow and Duke comes up with a revenge plan, this poor little bad girl has one dangerous life-changing choice to make. . . Puttin' Shame in the Game Noire Zsa Zsa, Malisha, and Kiki will do anything for a man who'll pay their bills and keep them in the style every trophy wife deserves. These gorgeous sistahs are using every lie, trick, and scheme in the book to seduce wealthy NYC police officer Noble into making one of them his one and only. But sometimes the only way to win is to know when to walk away. . .

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"Kiki captures the heat of the streets." --Wahida Clark

"Noire is Dickens for the age of dojah, donuts and dawgs." --Publishers Weekly on Hood

There are currently no product reviews.

KiKi Swinson & Noire

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