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My Man, Her Son

Author: J. Tremble

Category: Erotica

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ISBN# 978193423068

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Author: J. Tremble

Category: Erotica

ISBN# 978193423068


Kourtney Ko-Ko Jackson has no boundaries when it comes to being promiscuous. Known for having flirtatious behavior, along with an out of control sex addiction, Ko-Ko goes after every man who crosses her path. However, she will ultimately cross the line when she uses her playful seduction to catch her best friend, Lynn s only son Rayshawn. Rayshawn, a young handsome man who s never had a problem attracting the opposite sex, is too much eye candy for Ko-Ko to resist. In order for their secret relationship to progress, they must maneuver around an angry single mother, Ko-Ko s jealous daughter and tons of prying eyes. Just when things start to heat in their hush-hush love affair, Felice, the stacked and attractive owner of Fantasy Girlz Magazine throws herself in the burning fire and heats up things even more. The only problem is, Ko-Ko refuses to share and spins a web of intricate lies, cover-up stories and false alibis to have Rayshawn all to herself. Unfortunately, when all their emotions hit a boiling point, the drama intensifies and a shocking secret from the past threatens to ruin it all.

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J. Tremble

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