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One Dead Doctor

Author: Tony Lindsay

Category: Mystery

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ISBN# 978159997012

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Product Details

Author: Tony Lindsay

Category: Mystery

ISBN# 978159997012


A killer is stalking young women in David Price's community, his brother has just been released from drug rehab and living with him, his ex-wife (and baby's mama) is dating a police detective that tried to pin a murder charge on him, and his best friend has been diagnosed with heart disease. Amidst it all, the police find a young girl dead behind his house. The young girl turns out to be Ricky Brown’s niece, and once again David Price is thrown into a case that threatens his beloved Southside community and the people he loves. The investigation leads to One Dead Doctor and unpredictable changes in David’s life. This third installment of Tony Lindsay's "One Dead . . ."series is an edge of your seat, page-turning mystery that delivers heart-pounding reading until the last page.

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Tony Lindsay

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