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Pleasure Principles

Author: Lesley Hal

Category: Erotica

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ISBN# 978097786554

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Author: Lesley Hal

Category: Erotica

ISBN# 978097786554


Can Bianca keep a married couple from finding out that the person they re cheating on each other with is her? Or will living the love-them-and-leave-them lifestyle that Rick James and Teena Marie sang about in the eighties be more fire than desire? That s the mantra that has become Bianca Brooks claim to fame after being stood up at the altar by her longtime fiance, Michael Jones, five years ago. Since then, Bianca s life has consisted of a steady string of bedmates and running her burgeoning event planning company, Pleasure Principles, with best friends Cody and Reggie. With love having nothing to do with her newfound lease on life, Pleasure Principles is her one and only commitment, until she meets Taylor, wife of Dallas Mavericks golden boy, Eric All Air Sims. A torrid affair ensues with Eric being none the wiser until he pays Bianca an eye-opening visit. During his stay, Bianca s world is turned upside down when she finds herself in the middle of a forbidden love triangle, adding even more drama to her already flawed sex life. Even though Eric s being unfaithful, his insecurities run rampant, prompting him to hire a detective to see where Taylor s infidelities lie. When given the proof he needs, all hell breaks loose and everything about Bianca s promiscuity brings forth malicious consequences of revenge.

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Lesley Hal

<p>Lesley Hal resides in Dallas, Texas and is a six time New York Times bestselling contributing author of Succulent Chocolate Flava II. Her short story, Riding the Friendly Skies was penned as one of the creme de la creme by non other than the queen of erotica herself, Zane. Lesley Hal is also the author of the highly acclaimed novel Blind Temptations the Seduction of Sex, Lies &amp; Betrayal, an anticipated sequel in the works due out in 2010. Her second book, Pleasure Principles, is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2010. Pleasure Principles is an electrifying erotic thrill ride featuring Bianca Brooks from the anthology Succulent Chocolate Flava II and the short story that started it all, Stormy Weather. Stormy Weather was featured in bestselling author of The G-Spot Noire s online magazine.</p>