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Quiet As It's Kept

Author: Monique Miller

Category: Christian

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ISBN# 978160162792

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Author: Monique Miller

Category: Christian

ISBN# 978160162792


<p>Will Tracy is a good, God-fearing man who had a shaky childhood as he watched his father abuse his mother. But now he&rsquo;s grown and feeling confident and secure that he has finally met the woman he&rsquo;s been praying God would send him to be able feel the security he&rsquo;s always craved. Morgan is beautiful and appears to be the perfect Christian woman. But once Will pledges his life to her, he nearly loses his.... After a series of strange, inexplicable &ldquo;accidents&rdquo; plague him, he starts to wonder if the woman he married is all that she outwardly appears to be&mdash;or if he&rsquo;s indeed sleeping with the enemy. He continues to honor the vows he made to God and to Morgan. But is this wife of his really a gift from God? Or is she the devil in disguise?</p>

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Monique Miller

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