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Redbone 2: Takeover at Platinum Lofts

Author: T. Styles

Category: Urban Lit

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ISBN# 978160162540

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Author: T. Styles

Category: Urban Lit

ISBN# 978160162540


Knox Baker has been missing for weeks. When his cell phone is discovered in Farah Cotton’s possession, his family wants to know how she obtained it. Always deceitful, Farah quickly devises a clever lie to buy time. The problem is that there is one living person who knows the truth—Eleanor McClendon. Della Baker, Knox’s mother, senses that Farah is lying. To help discern her son’s whereabouts, she calls upon two deadly family members from Mississippi. They waste no time converging on Platinum Lofts with one mission in mind—to find their lost family member no matter who they must kill in the process. Farah goes on a wild chase to find Eleanor before anyone else does. If she fails, it could mean the end of her relationship with Slade and possibly her life. Easily distracted, Farah’s lust for murder and mayhem is heightened when she unexpectedly meets people just like her. She’s immediately sucked into their world when her thirst for blood is validated by newfound friends. Will Farah Cotton survive, or will her lies be the end of her?

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T. Styles

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