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Sex in the Sanctuary

Author: Lutishia Lovely

Category: Christian

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ISBN# 978075821751

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Author: Lutishia Lovely

Category: Christian

ISBN# 978075821751


From exciting new author Lutishia Lovely comes a steamy debut in the manner  of Victoria Christopher Murray and Kimberla Lawson Roby. Set in a church  community on fire for the Lord--and for each other--Sex in the Sanctuary is  filled with scintillating sisters, playing brothers, and church matrons  trying to run everybody's business... As first lady of Kingdom Citizen's Christian Center, Vivian Montgomery has  it all: a beautiful home, lovely children, and a pastor husband who makes  her shout Hallelujah--and not just in church. There's no doubt Pastor  Montgomery has a healthy appreciation for the Lord and for the pleasures of  the flesh, namely his wife's flesh. If only Vivian's best friend, Tai, was  so blessed... A first lady herself, Tai's husband, King, is pastor of Mount Zion  Progressive Baptist Church. But with two affairs under his belt, Tai  wonders just what "progressive" means. In fact, she strongly suspects her  husband is at it again. Now she can follow her mother-in-law's example and  threaten to shoot any would-be-husband-stealing floozies, or she can take  Vivian's advice and listen for God's instruction. But Tai's husband isn't  the only one fighting temptation. Whether trying to wait until marriage  or just waiting until the next mating opportunity, these congregations are  filled with members whose eyes are on more than Jesus! The result is a  page-turning read, not soon to be forgotten.

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Lutishia Lovely

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