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The Break-Up Diaries Vol 1

Author: Ni-Ni Simone

Category: Young Adults

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ISBN# 978075826316

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Product Details

Author: Ni-Ni Simone

Category: Young Adults

ISBN# 978075826316


The only thing more intense than teen love is a break-up with the uncertainty of a make-up. This exciting new series serves up two tales of love that will shake-up your assumptions of relationships. So buckle up, it's time to get real, learn to deal, and move on with this first volume of The Break-Up Diaries. Hot Boyz Ni-Ni Simone Chance Kennedy always gets what she wants, even if she has to bend the truth to do it. She's set her sights on extremely fine and college-bound Ahmad King, and she will do anything to become his girl. There's only one problem: she didn't count on love entering the picture. Now she's scrabbling to make things right before the tiny white lie she's told to lock down her guy blows up in everyone's face. Now, the girl with everything may lose it all. . . The Boy Trap Kelli London Pretty, popular, and with mad potential, Gabrielle Newton is, hands down, the girl to know. But Gabrielle only has time for Tyler Scott, Lakeview High's hottest new athlete. He's the golden ticket to her dream: becoming an NBA star's pampered wife. But when Gabrielle plays Tyler one time too many, suddenly more than their relationship is on the line . . .

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Ni-Ni Simone

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