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The Darkness

Author: L.A. Banks

Category: Horror & Suspense

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ISBN# 978031294914

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Author: L.A. Banks

Category: Horror & Suspense

ISBN# 978031294914


<p><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: small; "> <p>After the battle at Masada, the Neteru team returns to San Diego believing forty-thousand demons had been eradicated and that&nbsp;Lilith's spawn has been killed. But somehow the treacherous little creature got away.&nbsp;Just as had been prophesized at the dawn of the Armageddon, the anti-Christ has been born&hellip;and will soon rise to power.</p> <p>Rewarded for her creation, Lilith is given the daylight bite and power to make Councilmen day-walkers.&nbsp;Having Fallon Nuit and Sebastian able to withstand sunlight is a huge problem, especially&nbsp;when&nbsp;they are adding new master vampires at record-breaking levels.&nbsp;Meanwhile the dark realms are healing and adding to what had previously been wiped out&mdash;feeding off the dark&nbsp;energy of the newly created anti-Christ who is only waiting&nbsp;to emerge.</p> </span></p>

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L.A. Banks

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