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The Eleventh Commandment (Hallelujah Love)

Author: Lutishia Lovely

Category: Christian

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ISBN# 978075828662

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Author: Lutishia Lovely

Category: Christian

ISBN# 978075828662


The members of Kingdom Citizens Christian Center believe in sharing the spirit of love and generosity with others.  Even so, they can't seem to follow the ten commandments, a fact that suggests it just might be time to add rule number eleven.  .  . While Frieda Moore has not found her way to the Good Word--she has charted a path to a really good, upscale life. Still, she's not about to let her prominent surgeon husband and baby son get in the way of her good time. The sizzling blessings she's getting from her primed-and-ready 25-year-old lover are too divine to resist.  .  .until one too many secrets threaten to ruin this bad girl's heaven on earth.  .  . Frieda's more sensible cousin, Hope Taylor, was sure she and her spouse, Cy, were solid-in-the-spirit. But now a long-lost love is requesting an act of Christian charity that for Cy could be a second chance at temptation. And when Hope's best friend, Stacy, must decide if a money-making scheme with her ex will fix her rocky marriage, the consequences will have the saved, maybe-saved, and the hardly-saved begging for deliverance . . .

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Lutishia Lovely

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