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Till You Hear From Me

Author: Pearl Cleage

Category: Contemporary Fiction

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ISBN# 978034550637

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Author: Pearl Cleage

Category: Contemporary Fiction

ISBN# 978034550637


<p><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: small; ">Along with Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright, Cleage&rsquo;s fictional Reverend Horace Dunbar is considered one of the old guard of the civil rights movement. His position in the post-Obama firmament seems secure until the Rev, as he is known, vents an unsuspected level of frustration to a reporter and the rant goes viral on YouTube. The PR fallout is damaging enough to bring his estranged daughter, Ida, home to Atlanta from Washington, where she anxiously awaits a job offer from the White House as a reward for her campaign work. Right behind her on the road to Atlanta, however, is Wes, the son of the Rev&rsquo;s best friend, covertly sent by the RNC to steal the Rev&rsquo;s extensive voter-registration list. While she and her father inch toward a rapprochement, Ida and a coterie of sharp, sassy women work to foil Wes&rsquo; plans. Within the timely, politically relevant milieu of the new administration, best-selling, incisive Cleage zestfully crafts an intuitive novel of trust and responsibility, kinship and conviction.</span></p>

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Pearl Cleage

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