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Trying To Stay Saved

Author: E.N. Joy

Category: Christian

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ISBN# 978160162783

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Author: E.N. Joy

Category: Christian

ISBN# 978160162783


<p>Lorain is back from her sabbatical, and although God didn't reveal to her all that she wanted Him to regarding her past, she refuses to just let things be.<span>&nbsp;</span>When all the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together, just how many lives will be damaged, and how many will be restored?<br />&nbsp;<br /><br />The survivor of one of the most horrific experiences a person could ever endure, it appeared as though Sister Nita, as leader of New Day's Janitorial Ministry, was hiding behind a mop and a broom.<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>When her spirit discerns a cover up amongst a couple at New Day Temple of Faith, will she turn a blind eye and mind her own business, or will she finally begin to operate in her true calling?<br />&nbsp;<br /><br />Mother Doreen knows who she is and whose she is; a child of the King on assignment doing kingdom work.<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>When the plot thickens to a story she thought God had closed the book on, will she forget who she is and what she was called to do?<br />&nbsp;<br /><br />The New Day Divas series, known as the soap opera in print, is full of chance, coincidence and fate.<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>But more importantly, it's full of faith.</p>

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E.N. Joy

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