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Uptown Menace to Hell and Back

Author: Carmen Noboa Espinal

Category: Urban Lit

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ISBN# 978061518735

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Product Details

Author: Carmen Noboa Espinal

Category: Urban Lit

ISBN# 978061518735


A gritty thriller told through the eyes of Jenny Rivera, a teenage girl who relies on her inner strength to confront and overcome the heartache and obstacles she is faced with on the streets of New York City . In a crucial act of violence that will change her young life forever, teenager Jenny Rivera is confronted with a near-death experience where she revisits the events that have led her to this tragic point. In this journey, we see her abandoned by her father and neglected by her addict mother, and soon left to care for her younger siblings by succumbing to the vices of street life in the ghetto. Jenny's own inherent desires to survive and to be loved are so powerful that they have the potential to destroy her. Is it too late for her to escape this treacherous path to self-destruction?

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A long awaited novel based in the heart of a spanish community. Latina writer Carmen Noboa- Espinal gives her readers a true sense of the latino culture in NYC... from beginning to end you are drawn in.. A must read Sexy author of A better touch and Twofold --Sexy author of a better touch

There are currently no product reviews.

Carmen Noboa Espinal

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