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White Lines II: Sunny

Author: Tracy Brown

Category: Urban Lit

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ISBN# 978031255523

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Product Details

Author: Tracy Brown

Category: Urban Lit

ISBN# 978031255523


<p><span>In her most stunning, riveting, unstoppable novel yet, bestselling and critically acclaimed author, Tracy Brown delivers the not-to-be-missed sequel to WHITE LINES.</span><br /><span>&nbsp;</span><br /><br /><span>On the surface, it appears that Sunny has got it all&ndash;looks, money, a beautiful home, a healthy daughter, and friends who love her. But Sunny has a secret&mdash;something she hasn&rsquo;t even told her best friend. The truth is Sunny is unhappy. She still misses her beloved Dorian, and worries that no other man will ever</span><br /><span>captivate her the way he did. She dated some very powerful and successful men since Dorian&rsquo;s death. But will she ever find love again?</span><br /><br /><br /><span>It&rsquo;s not long before Sunny is chasing those white lines again. And, when the truth finally explodes, will</span><br /><span>Sunny be able to put her life back together again?</span></p>

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''Readers who like delving into complex relationships and characters creeping behind one another's back will be drawn in.'' --Library Journal

''Powerfully vivid language.'' --Vibe Vixen

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Tracy Brown