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Author: CN Phillips


Sometimes death births new life, and that is fact for sisters Rhonnie and Ahli Montgomery. After having to fake their own deaths in order to survive, the young women have taken on the job of security detail for none other than Sadie Thomas, the fierce but fair-minded leader of The Last Kings cartel.

Sadie will need the sisters’ expert combat training and superior wits now more than ever, when the formula for an extraordinary new drug comes into her possession and she stands to make millions, and even save lives, by changing the drug game forever.

Vita E Morte is a dream for buyers and kingpins alike, giving a pricey high that lasts for two days straight, with no crash at the other end and virtually no chance of overdose. But is the tiny white pill too good to be true? As Rhonnie and Ahli start to learn stories of the drug, the legend of its origin, and just what happens to users after their gentle landing, the sisters find themselves pulled into a nightmare, racing against the clock to keep Sadie, and themselves, safe . . . and alive. But when all their hopes come to rest on the mysterious Trap Street, a place only spoken of in hood myth, not even these three warrior women are prepared for what awaits.

The Nightmare on Trap Street

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