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Author: Danielle Marcus


From the creative mind of the TUBI streaming book-to-film hit Plug Love, Danielle Marcus is back with another gritty tale which explores the American dirt of Detroit, Michigan’s dangerous underbelly.

The perfect victim … The perfect chase …

Best friends Sophie, Diamond, and Angel find themselves with their backs against the wall and owing an extremely dangerous man. Short on funds, limited options, and a severe debt hanging over their heads forces the trio to take "getting to the bag" to a new level.

While dripping mad sex appeal laced with money schemes, these ruthless vixens hatch a bulletproof plan, and before long—Jack Girlz is born. Hitting licks becomes their new sport as the money piles up, but what happens when these femmes fatales rob the wrong man? With an overzealous cop on their trail, the stakes are raised, and the roles are reversed. One woman's error will be the difference between staying alive . . . or landing her entire crew in a body bag.

“Danielle Marcus takes us on a high-speed joyride in this gritty, supercharged crime drama where women run the show. Jack Girlz is cinematically written and a book-to-film blockbuster in motion!” —N’TYSE, national bestselling author and film producer of Trap Soldiers

Jack Girlz

SKU: 9781957950051
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