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Author: Venesha


Mirror Mirror by 5X Literary Award-Winning Author, Venesha, brings you the first Urban, Chic, Witty, and Charming conversational self-help/motivational read. Her soft in pink Barbies (term of endearment) are treated to Sweet 16 Tips To A New and Improved You! This fabulous journey will change your life one chapter at a time.


When you look into my life, do you see what I see?! Probably not. When I look into my life, I see a broken woman, wishing I could be a child again. Oh, how I miss the days of playing with my cousins and changing my Barbie Doll clothes, and decorating the fly and fabulous Barbie Dream House that all my friends wanted.


Or, do I miss graduating from high school and going off to Texas Southern University and living in Houston for five years? Or, do I miss my NFL boyfriend from decades ago? Or, do I miss my producer/R&B superstar friend that I shared a twenty-year, on and off again friendship?! Or, is it the rapper I dated off and on for years, but read in a book a decade later that he was seeing someone else, actually a few people while he was seeing me?


Or, is it one of the dope boys or ballers with unlimited funds that flew me around the world. And back again, all while treating me like a Barbie Doll by sitting me on the shelf when they were done playing with me just like a toy. Dressing me up and using me as arm candy for decades, while I foolishly quit school to be at their beck and call 24/7.

With all that said, when you look into my life, do you see what I see?!


Sweet 16 Tips To A New and Improved You!

# 1 Know That God Loves You

# 2 Love Thy Self

#3 Love and Adore Thy Husband If Married

Unmarried, Love God and Be About His Business

# 4 Love, Adore, and Value Family

# 5 Understand and Seek God s Vision For Your Life

# 6 Set Long and Short Term Goals

# 7 Understanding and Practicing Patience

# 8 Set Your Expectations High

# 9 When In Doubt Pray

# 10 Get To Know You

# 11 Everybody Ain t For You

#12 Single Ladies- He Might Not Put A Ring On It

# 13 Uplift and Openly Love

# 14 Forgiveness

# 15 He Saw the Worth In Me

#16 Who Gon Check Me Boo?

Mirror Mirror

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