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Author: Mikal Malone 


Emerald City is long gone, but your favorite bosses have returned with a new project to reign over…Marjorie Gardens. Back on top, the Pitbulls have more than just the refugees, Karen and Oscar from the Black Water Klan to worry about. There are new evils that come along with the tenement they now rule. And if they’re not careful, they can lose everything they worked so hard to regain, including their money…power and lives. During one of the worst snowstorms in Washington DC’s history Yvette, Mercedes, Carissa find themselves involved in a battle they didn’t see coming. While making the mistake of letting their guard down they find themselves involved in a takeover for which they are outnumbered. To make things direr, one of the three is sleeping with the enemy. Will the Pitbulls in A Skirt survive?


Pitbulls in A Skirt 5: The Fall From Grace (The Cartel Publications Presents)

SKU: 9780996209991
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