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Author: Wahida Clark


After a tumultuous relationship with the father of her children, love is the last thing on Ansinette's mind. She is so busy trying to keep her head above water and chase two growing boys that she overlooked the chocolate brother with the chiseled chest who lives across the hall. Well, she didn't overlook him, she definitely noticed. But with her ex trying to ease his way back in her life, she doesn't want to complicate the situation any further.

Marcus, the chocolate brother with the chiseled chest, has noticed Ansinette too. Her flawless skin, wide hips and sense of humor drew him in on their first encounter. Marcus is putting the pieces of his life back together. After a big mistake lands him in jail, he just wants the simple things in life: to own a home and to have a family to go home to. He believes he can have that with Ansinette, but can he get her to believe it too?

The Virus Brought Me My First Love

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