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Author: S. James Guitard


There is Nothing More Dangerous for a Man Than a Woman with a Plan 


With a level of confidence and style that most women would envy, De'Borah Harriston stood at the church sanctuary doors wearing a stylish designer ensemble so sophisticated and eye-catching that a trustee almost dropped the collection plate and his religion trying to get another glance of her revealing lowcut neckline. De'Borah's breasts were more out than some men in the choir. Clearly the older women in the house of worship were quite offended, but it made no difference to De'Borah. It wasn't their attention or approval she was after. 


Pastor David Josiah Goodwell had just entered the sanctuary wearing a robe that King Solomon would have wanted to borrow. Prior to his dad, the Honorable Reverend Cecil Douglass Goodwell, passing away, he thought the greatest challenge he would ever face in life would be living up to father’s expectations. Pastor Goodwell now agonize over the daunting task of having to tear down and destroy the bulk of everything his father built, including his family name, as he attempts to preach and teach the truth about Jesus to a congregation that ultimately may prefer to have the sugar water, non-substantive, carefree, no accountability to God gospel that causes for its church membership to grow, but not the people in it. 


You can’t have an affair with attorney Crystal Champagne Calloway's husband, become pregnant with his child, leave text messages saying Crystal's man is divorcing her, and then turn around and be the one behind releasing sex photos of her on the web--that she didn’t even know existed, causing for Crystal's mother to have a heart attack in church--while simultaneously being the unidentified source in the newspaper that has the police falsely charging her with aiding and abetting a money laundering, prostitution and drug cartel, and think you're going to have Crystal's kids calling you Mommy while she's locked up in the penitentiary for the rest of her life.


Who you kidding? 

Sunday school class member Alexis Benson was scheduled to get married in St. Thomas prior to finding out that her fiancé, Deacon Derrick, had been cheating on her. It was several months later that she found out that during the period they were seeking marriage counseling, her fiancé had been secretly having sex with the associate minister providing their marriage counseling. How does Alexis's faith in God reach new heights in the midst of her church hitting new lows?

Delilah's Revenge

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