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Author:   Jade Asikiwe


Two manuscripts in one, this book includes both "Melanin Gift of the Cosmos" & "The Ancient Orishas."

Melanin is powerful beyond measure…

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when the sun is out?

Maybe you’ve even thought about it before, wondering why and how the sun could be such a powerful tool in boosting the quality of your life?

After a nice relaxing day on the beach, you just feel much better overall, right?

The sun is a magical force that helps stimulate the magic within us.

But it’s much more than just some positive feelings that are going on here -- the sun is also helping us expand our consciousness.

Maybe you’re looking for ways to get to know yourself better?

Perhaps you simply want to dive deeper into the contents of your own mind?

Or maybe you’re fascinated by ancient traditions and their astonishing cultures and want to know more about how these people achieve such happiness in their lives?

Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place.

And the best part is that, for each instance, the answer is the same.

Melanin, a chemical released from the pineal gland of your brain, is the answer to it all.

This seemingly magical component of who you are is in many ways the origin of your conscious expansion, and none of it would be possible without the sun!

Melanin exists beyond just your own body and can in fact be found in all corners of the universe. It is the driving power that connects all living and nonliving things.

The secret that these ancient tribes hold, the one that allows them so much peace and serenity, isn’t actually a secret after all…

In The Melanin Gods, you’ll discover:

  • The science of what melanin is -- and a deeper understanding of the chemical process that unfolds within your brain
  • How you can use melanin to significantly enhance your creative expression and energy
  • The 7 most powerful physical benefits that you’ll experience from melanin -- and why you should begin pursuing more of it today
  • How melanin works on a spiritual level -- and what it can do to help you become more aware, not only of yourself but also of the world around you
  • The 4 stages of melanin release -- and how knowing what stage you’re at can empower your daily actions
  • The role of melanin in African tribal culture -- and why it’s so much easier for these individuals to connect with one another on deeper spiritual levels
  • An insightful look at one of the most prestigious African tribes -- and how your new and enhanced spiritual awareness can also help you to connect with their ancestors

… and much more!

There’s a whole lot more to this world than meets the eye.

You have more potential within you than you’ve likely been led to believe.

Now, you can tap into that potential and actively set it free.

Once you understand the true power of melanin and begin implementing these practices into your daily life, things will never be the same again.

The Melanin Gods: Discover the Power of Melanin

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